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My favourite part is the pronunciation part. Every time I do the exercises I can find my own pronunciation mistakes and correct them in time. Thanks a lot!

Gong Yun (Cecilia), China – B1 intermediate level Accounting and Finance Student

I think this way of learning is very convenient, I can use the messaging system and virtual classroom to communicate with the teacher and the speaking part is very helpful for me.

Wang Dan (Sabrina), China – B1 intermediate level Accounting and Finance Student

I like the interaction with the teachers most, no matter if it is using the platform messaging system, email or in the virtual classroom. Besides I think the content in the system is very comprehensive, considering all aspects of English language learning, including listening, speaking, reading and writing.

WANG Chuwei (Fire), China – B1 intermediate level Accounting and Finance Student

I’ve really enjoyed this course. I think if the French learned English using this method, their English language would be much better!

Florence Lair, France – B2 upper intermediate level Radiologist

I really like this course because it combines all aspects of English in the program. After self-learning there are some quiz activities to test what I learned, and then you go to practice in the live lesson. There is a lot of support from your teacher and it is a really great course for learning English!

Linette Chen, Taiwan – B2 upper intermediate level Accountant

I really enjoyed the activities – both the e-learning and in the virtual classroom, they helped me to increase my vocabulary and use it in the right context. I liked the design of the content and I improved my level a lot. Most importantly I felt supported by my teacher throughout the course which really helped my confidence and motivation.

Juana Serna, Mexico – B2 upper intermediate level Primary school teacher

I can recommend this school because the expert feedback from teachers is amazing, the learning system and activities are clear and work well, and the live lessons are fantastic!

Silvia Spina, Italy – A2 pre-intermediate level Home keeper

I can recommend this school because, the level of teaching is very high, The learning system provides a lot of great activities and resources to use and I really like the live lessons. It is great that I can practise English with other nationalities and get expert tuition while I am in my home country.

Alain Zeigler, Mexico – B2 upper intermediate level Engineering student

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