This is the category of courses that applies to English language courses.

This is a Demonstration Course to enable interested to students to see how our system works! 

This is a Demonstration Course for Cleverfox Learning's English Language Programme. It shows one unit of learning from each of the 4 language levels in our general English language course. 

Welcome to Cleverfox Learning's induction programme! 

Welcome to your one week free trial of Cleverfox Learning! This course includes:

  • Induction webinar (we will contact you by email to schedule a time)
  • Placement test
  • Timetabled lesson (1 hour per week).
  • E-learning platform access (one 5-hour learning unit)
  • Structured syllabus
  • Monitoring, support and feedback from your language tutor
  • Assignment with feedback

You also have immediate access to your placement test as well a series of induction videos in this course.

Welcome to Cleverfox Learning's General English Programme. 

This part of your programme is called 'Introduction and Induction' and in this section we will show you how are system works and also make sure that we find the right level class for you. The first thing that you need to complete is a placement test. You will find the Placement test quiz in the activities section of the course.