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General English Programme

Cleverfox Learning is currently offering General English Programmes at 4 levels.

Elementary | Pre-Intermediate | Intermediate | Upper Intermediate

Each level follows a structured syllabus of thematically designed units of learning designed to maximise development and practise of the 4 core skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing and provide essential vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation work.

Programme Structure

Each programme follows the same core structure where we examine language in context and develop the key skills required to achieve competency. Every week you will spend 5 hours or more doing the following:

  • Learning new vocabulary and grammar related to the central theme of the week’s lesson
  • Pronunciation work on all of the vocabulary covered during the week
  • Developing informal writing skills via moderated forum discussions
  • Regular communication with your expert tutor to clarify points that you don’t understand
  • Communicating with your classmates in a collaborative and supportive environment.
  • Live lessons designed to get all of the group speaking all of the language learnt during the week.


Programme Schedule

Our General English courses are divided into units of learning and you can start learning immediately.

The first unit for every learner is induction which includes a placement test. Once your placement test is completed you will be enrolled in a course with learners who have the same level of English as you, making your learning more enjoyable and effective.

For full syllabus details please email 


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The Live Lesson

At Cleverfox Learning we use state of the art, virtual classroom technology to deliver live lessons. This technology provides us with the ability to implement classroom management techniques normally associated with face to face lessons. This software is used by many of the top universities and multinational corporations in the world to deliver education and training programmes, and we use it for our live lessons and also our virtual student meetups.

Learning Plans

All of the work that you do on the core syllabus is linked to competencies in your personal learning plan. This means that every time you complete an activity it is either automatically recorded in your learning plan or manually updated by your tutor, and every activity counts towards the achievement of learning competencies.

The competency statements that we use have been developed by Pearson Education and are referred to as The Global Scale of English (GSE) learning objectives. You can learn more about the GSE by clicking here.

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