Cleverfox Explained

Our English Courses

Cleverfox Learning has a range of English language courses available as self study or as blended learning courses.

Each course is available via our mobile application and computer browser, and we use zoom video conferencing for our virtual classrooms.

Our Courses include:

  • General English - Beginner to Advanced
  • IELTS Preparation - 3.5 - 6.5
  • Business English - Intermediate to Advanced.
  • Academic English
  • Practice Tests for TOIEC and TOEFL ITP
  • Vocabulary courses for learning specialised subject and industry specific language.


Programme Structure

Each programme follows the same core structure, you work with the self study content and have the option of taking live lessons to get expert tuition from our experienced and qualified teachers.



Programme Schedule

Our courses are fully flexible so you can start learning immediately. Our live lessons are one to one and are arranged at a time that suits you.


Smart Education for Modern Life

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The Live Lesson

All of our live lesson material is directly linked with the digital content, and all of our lessons are private. This means that you and your teacher can decide what to work on week by week, depending on your strengths and weaknesses and subject priorities.

Adaptive Learning

Our General English course  uses adaptive algorithms that automatically choose suitable lessons based on a learner’s progress. In targeting weak areas, it  helps students master core English skills in the most efficient way possible.  Test results and study history are continuously analysed by the system to monitor the learner’s level and ability, and to recommend appropriate next lessons. Each lesson offers varied content and task types, and follows a clear and proven learning cycle to build skills systematically.  

Smart Education for Modern Life

Want to try out this amazing way to learn online?